The Entourage Effect

What is The Entourage Effect?

Dr. Dabb's CBD products contain a proprietary blend of CBD, CBG, and CBN. These three cannabinoids are synergists to each other. Put simply, they become stronger together to create more effective results in the body.


The main ingredient. Well known anti-inflammatory and pain inhibitor. By far the most studied cannabinoid. CBD has been used for years to address both chronic and acute pain and inflammation.


The stem cell of the cannabinoids. CBG turns into CBD and all other cannabinoids as the plant matures. CBG has very strong anti inflammatory properties. Never heard of it? It's more expensive to harvest so most companies don't typically use it.


This cannabinoid binds to the central nervous system. It helps with sedation and staying asleep. It helps with deep sleep and recovery via REM sleep. Studies have also shown CBN and CBD work very well together to dampen pain sensation. CBN is also very expensive, so most other companies don't use it in their products.

PM GUMMIES each have an extra 5mg of CBN! They also contain 10mg of Magnesium, which helps with muscle relaxation, sleep, water retention and has been shown to
improve mood!

  • Katie

    "I had never tried a CBD lotion before and a therapist used Dr. Dabb's CBD on my neck and shoulders during a recent massage. I can't express how quickly my aches disappeared, and the muscles remained relaxed for hours afterwards. I like that there is no fragrance, since I am sensitive to smell. I highly recommend this product to anyone with aches & pains!"

  • Justin

    "I hurt my shoulder years ago and it's been tight with varying degrees of pain since. Sometimes terrible sometimes tolerable. I liked that the lab work was on the site to show purity so I tried it. Great investment! I'm actually going back to the gym!"

  • Sommer

    "Love that this product is pure and reliable. Helps me relax and sleep better. No taste at all so you can take it alone or mix it in drinks. A must have!"

  • Torie

    "My partner and I have both been using this product to help with sleep. It has been very effective and doesn’t leave you with that groggy feeling you get from sleeping pills. I have more energy and no side effects."

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