5 Proven Methods to Naturally Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep Quality

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If you struggle with sleeplessness, you don't need science to link the problem to stress. 2020 has been particularly stressful for most people globally. The latest data by the APA (American Psychological Association) shows a spike in general stress levels in the U.S. to the highest levels ever.


54% of Americans have stress-related insomnia today because of COVID-19 related implications on their parenting, finances, and other areas of their everyday lives. Coronavirus related stress and resulting effects like insomnia are bound to worsen as a second wave of pandemic sets in and numerous countries return to lock-down. Even with a vaccine in sight, it will take years for majority of the world to get a dose. A vaccine may also fail to reverse the effects of the pandemic.


If stress is making you have little to no sleep because you are worried about your loved ones surviving the pandemic, losing your job, the future of your business, career etc., you are in the right place. There is a distinct link between stress and sleep problems. Here's how you can naturally reduce stress and boost sleep quality during the worst pandemic of the century.


You don't need to suffer any more if you follow the proven methods discussed below. Most importantly, these methods are bound to work currently and in the future for a variety of scenarios.


How to Naturally Alleviate Stress and Boost Your Sleep Quality

  1.  Learn to Say ‘No'

Stress can be reduced by something as simple as saying "NO". If you are being stressed by obligations and deadlines, saying no can be a good way to cope. Learning to say NO is a challenge for many; however, it is a pathway to stress relief and better sleep in the long run. While the amount of stress that comes your way isn't likely to reduce, you can "buy" some time.

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To learn to say NO, you must understand why you have had difficulties saying NO in the first place. Many people have problems saying no because they think it is selfish to do so. What they fail to realize is; it isn't healthy to keep saying yes. Over-committing yourself is more detrimental to your overall health and well-being. You should say NO to focus on whatever matters to you the most at any given moment.


If you are wondering how you should say no, be brief. State your reason/s for refusing a request decisively, and don't be tricked into long discussions. You should be honest and respectful when saying NO for you to have a clear conscience. Saying NO isn't easy if you say yes every time someone comes to you with a request. However, it is a critical part of managing stress, according to Mayoclinic.


  1. Deepen Your Sleep

Stress raises cortisol levels in the body - the hormone responsible for stimulating vigilance, alertness, and increasing blood pressure/heart rate. Typically, a person's cortisol levels decrease in the evening as the body prepares for sleep. High cortisol levels during the night hinder melatonin release - the hormone responsible for sleep-wake cycles. Besides timelines, cortisol levels can also be influenced by poor sleep patterns. Poor sleep can raise cortisol to levels higher than normal. Stress can, in turn, disrupt sleep cycles.


Stress has been proven to decrease the amount of deep sleep a person gets, which causes disruptions in normal brain wave patterns leading to concentration and creativity problems, among other problems like excessive fatigue and sleepiness. Getting adequate amounts of deep sleep (or deepening your sleep) is, therefore, a great way of reducing stress and improving sleep quality.


Generally, 13-23% of the sleep we get per night is deep sleep. However, deep sleep tends to decrease with age. Individuals under 30 get approximately two hours of deep sleep per night, while those over 65 years get 30 minutes of deep sleep or less.


If you're wondering how you can increase the amount of deep sleep you get to be able to reduce your stress levels, try simple remedies like having a bedtime schedule and following it religiously. Some people don't get enough deep sleep simply because they aren't strict on the time they sleep and wake up. It also helps to create a perfect sleeping environment characterized by comfortable pillows and blackout curtains. Also, cooling down a room makes a big difference. You should also avoid gadgets before bedtime as the blue light emitted by gadgets hinders melatonin production.


  1. Consider a Natural Remedy 

If saying "NO" and getting deep sleep doesn't work at all or produce the results you are looking for, you can consider natural remedies like CBD oil (Relax) - made using USDA-certified organic hemp and MCT oil. Relax is unmatched in regards to broad-spectrum CBD oil quality. The oil contains 1000mg of broad-spectrum CBD in every 30ml bottle. The oil is 100% natural, unflavored, and it has been tested by 3rd party ISO-certified labs, and there are results proving this.


How can you personally benefit from Relax? 

Relax offers therapeutic relief. The oil offers a multitude of benefits in many areas, among them being reducing anxiety and improving sleep. Relax can also assist in physical recovery and work as alternative pain mitigation medicine for persons who have taken nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication for prolonged periods. Seniors with kidney, stomach, and small intestine issues who can't take typical medication can use Relax as an alternative without having to worry about harmful side effects.


Relax stands out for its effectiveness. Its potency per 1000mg is unmatched by most, if not all, other similar products available today. The oil also stands out for being all-natural. No chemical additives or fillers are present in the product. It is free of flavoring, colors, among other artificial additives responsible for most negative side effects associated with CBD products.

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Relax also works for a variety of problems ranging from sleep-related issues to nausea, panic attacks, chronic/acute pain issues, headaches, and many other overall health and wellness issues. Most importantly, besides the high quality of the product, all-natural benefits, and proven effectiveness, Relax is competitively priced, making it accessible to everyone.


Relax is also safe. It was made out of the discovery that hemp oil can replace narcotics minus the THC that alters a person's brain functions. The oil binds into the body's central and peripheral nervous system (the body's cannabinoid receptors). In a nutshell, when you take Relax, you are taking something that is part of the body's natural regulatory system. What's more, the recommended therapeutic dose (of 1,000mg) is based on a government study on benefits of CBD. Relax is also made from hemp sourced organically in Colorado.


What do others have to say about Relax? 

Relax reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Almost everyone who has taken Relax attests to the fact that the product works. According to the reviews, Relax naturally improves sleep provided it is taken as directed. Many people who take Relax enjoy uninterrupted sleep throughout the night consecutively for days.


There are also reviews attesting to the fact that Relax deals with pain. Many customers also love that it is easy to use and works for all, including elderly individuals who have had sleep problems for decades. Related benefits like reduced stress levels can also be attested in reviews. Many people who have bought Relax have also claimed to do so since the product is all-natural (organic) and is backed by third-party lab tests. The quality and strength of the oil has been praised as well as the value for money. Relax comes highly recommended in every aspect, and there are verifiable testimonials to prove it. Also, listen to what Dr. Dabb has to say about this product in the video below. 


Buy Relax CBD oil today by clicking HERE. If you buy in bulk (product above $100), you'll get FREE shipping. Relax comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You have 30 days to try the product risk-free. If you don't like it or get the expected results, you can ask for a full refund.


  1. Break a Sweat

Stress can also be reduced by exercise. While it may seem contradictory, the physical stress exerted on your body during exercise has been proven to relieve mental stress. It's also worth noting that exercise is effective for relieving stress and improving sleep quality only when done regularly. There is a link between exercising regularly and reduced stress and anxiety levels.


If you are wondering how exercise is a natural stress reducer, it's important to note that exercise lowers stress hormone levels like cortisol. Exercise also boosts endorphin production - chemicals responsible for boosting relaxation and mood.


Exercising also plays a direct role in boosting sleep quality that is negatively affected by anxiety and stress. There are many other benefits you stand to enjoy from exercising, such as improved confidence that indirectly reduce stress by promoting mental wellbeing. 


Besides creating and sticking to an exercise routine, make sure you choose activities you love i.e., dancing, walking, yoga, rock climbing, cycling, etc., to make the process enjoyable. Activities involving repeatedly moving large muscle groups are stress relieving. You should exercise 20 minutes or more daily to enjoy stress relieving benefits.


  1. Monitor Your Caffeine and Alcohol Intake

Reducing stress is as easy as avoiding common beverages like tea, coffee, and alcohol and replacing them with water. Alcohol is linked to sleep problems like snoring, sleep apnea, and disrupted sleep patterns.


Alcohol also interferes with melatonin production, which plays a critical role in the body's circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle). Other studies have found nighttime consumption of alcohol to decrease HGH levels at night. HGC also plays a critical role in the sleep-wake cycle and other important functions.

drinking impacts sleep

Alcohol is a sedative. While drinking some wine at night can be calming, the effect is short-lived. The calmness is usually replaced by anxiety. Relying on alcohol to sleep or relieve anxiety is counterproductive. In fact, it can lead to alcohol dependence. You are also bound to gain weight faster as an avid alcohol consumer.


Caffeine isn't any better. In fact, there are studies linking caffeine to anxiety disorders. Caffeine can also worsen such problems. Individuals with chronic anxiety shouldn't take caffeine as it can increase nervousness and jitters. Instead of taking alcohol, coffee, tea, or other beverages with caffeine, it's better to take water instead - a natural detox agent that plays a critical role in overall health and wellbeing.



As discussed above, there are several proven natural methods of reducing stress and improving sleep quality. You can manage stress levels easily and avoid sleep problems by saying no to duties or activities you can't handle with ease. You can also purpose to get deep sleep by establishing good sleep habits such as sleeping/waking up at the same exact time daily and ensuring you sleep in the perfect environment (i.e., a dark, quiet, cool and comfortable room). Exercise also works wonders by relieving mental stress and boosting endorphin levels in the body. You can also avoid alcohol and caffeine, replacing such beverages with water.


However, these methods of reducing stress and improving sleep quality aren't as fast as using natural remedies like Relax. The CBD oil is guaranteed to work with little to no effort. In fact, you don't need to maintain a strict exercise regimen, eliminate caffeine and alcohol from your diet, learn to say "NO" or do everything in your power to increase the amount of deep sleep you get on a daily basis.


Most importantly, you get to enjoy other benefits of organic hemp oil besides boosting sleep and reducing stress. Relax can also address chronic pain problems, anxiety, and many other health and wellness problems. It doesn't hurt to try Relax given the product comes with 100% customer guarantee. If you don't find the product effective or at per with your expectations, you can ask for a 100% refund within 30 days. Relax is the fastest and safest way to reduce stress and boost sleep quality today.